Having a baby is an enormous responsibility. Birth can also be a powerful and positive experience for a family when they welcome their baby. By making the decision to have a home birth, you are taking control of your body and your health care. In the past this responsibility has been given over to doctors and hospitals. Today more and more women are turning to midwives to help them have the birth they desire. At Home Birth Partners we want to help you have the birth you have always dreamed of under the care of the area's only Certified Nurse Midwife (C.N.M.).

We know that if a healthy woman is put in the supportive and nurturing environment of home that Home Birth Partners. Although Susan has 20 years of hospital midwifery experience, the focus of a homebirth is "hands off" unless medical issues arise. It is our desire to bring the focus in childbearing back to where it belongs: to the mother, father, the baby and the family that the birth is creating. The majority of healthy women can deliver safely and comfortably in the home with a trained midwife.

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, please call 231.519.1081 or 231.652.3247 or email us to set up a consultation visit. This will give us a chance to discuss your questions about pregnancy, midwifery, homebirth and Home Birth Partners.

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